Camp Quest Locations

Each Camp Quest focuses on the same mission, and there are many similarities from camp to camp.  At the same time,  each location has its own feel -- with different activities, facilities, and people.  You can get more details about any camp by clicking on it below.

    Camp Quest Arizona - A new Camp Quest in the desert Southwest!

    Camp Quest Chesapeake (VA) - Swimming, high ropes, science, and Socrates Cafe in the Chesapeake Bay area.

    Camp Quest Colorado - A new Camp Quest coming soon to the Mountain West!

    Camp Quest Kansas City - A new Camp Quest in the Heartland!

    Camp Quest Michigan - Featuring climbing, horseback riding, high ropes, and canoeing in beautiful Western Michigan.

    Camp Quest Minnesota - Write songs, swim in the lake, sing with the band, and explore science just west of Minneapolis.  Now offering two week-long sessions!

    Camp Quest Montana - A family camp program in beautiful Northwest Montana, featuring a field trip to Glacier National park.

    Camp Quest New England (CT) - Watch for their first week-long session in summer 2014.

    Camp Quest NorthWest (WA) - Enjoy the Camp Quest experience in beautiful coastal Washington!

    Camp Quest Ohio - The original Camp Quest camp, now in its 18th year!

    Camp Quest Oklahoma - This Camp Quest is A-OK!

    Camp Quest Smoky Mountains (TN) - Featuring hiking, creeking, and critical thinking in gorgeous Smoky Mountains National Park.

    Camp Quest South Carolina - Enjoy swimming, critical thinking, and fun in the Palmetto state!

    Camp Quest Texas - A Texas-sized portion of fun, friends, and freethought!

    Camp Quest West (CA) - Offering week-long programs in both Northern and Southern California that feature the traditional all-American outdoor camp experience blended with world-class science and critical thinking games.

    Overseas Partner: Camp Quest Schweiz (Switzerland) - An independent program that shares the same mission as the Camp Quest camps across the U.S.

    Overseas Partner: Camp Quest UK - An independent program that shares the same mission as the Camp Quest camps across the U.S.