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Get to Know Camp Quest Montana

Camp Quest Montana (MT) proudly joined the Camp Quest network in the summer of 2011. We share Camp Quest’s mission of community building and providing a setting in which those of freethinking, atheist, agnostic, humanist, and non-theistic families can share and explore their developing worldviews in an environment supportive of critical thinking. Camp Quest MT is unique, however, as the only week long family summer camp in the Camp Quest network. Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana on the pristine waters of Flathead Lake (the largest freshwater lake in the United States west of the Mississippi River), Camp Quest MT is held in 2 adjoining private homes on 8 acres occupying over 600 feet of private shoreline on the lake. One of the homes is fully equipped with cable TV and wifi internet access. This vacation like atmosphere offers an ideal setting for families to relax while sharing quality time in which to explore and share their beliefs and values. All too often, day to day life is too busy for such quality time to be shared between parents and children. Since many non-religious families do not have a formal framework in which to discuss these critically important issues, Camp Quest MT offers a retreat-like experience for secular families. Our family camp experience in summer 2011 left the participating families stronger and more bonded – and while the family together time was cherished, we had very enjoyable and stimulating adult discussion time as the children enjoyed being kids with new friends.

Summer 2013 promises to be a tremendous experience for all – please follow the links for registration. Please see our Camp Quest MT Facebook page for pictures and videos of our summer 2011 camp, our Weird Al song parody video contest was one of the high points of camp!

A Note from the Camp Director

Welcome!  My name is Chantal and I’m one of the directors of Camp Quest Montana.  I live here in beautiful Big Sky Country with my husband Rob and our four children, Vincent (15), Pascale (13), Garrett (10), and Tony (8).  As a teen growing up in Virginia, I attended a really great science/nature camp at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since then, it has been my dream to open a camp for kids that would feature hands on activities that fostered thinking, observation, and interaction with the natural world. 

As you can imagine, having four children is a lot of work. Vacationing is near to impossible, and finding a good camp experience for each child has been very difficult.  I have been a “stay at home mom” for fifteen years now. (By the way, whoever coined that phrase is a complete idiot.)  I was a teacher for five years before quitting to raise my children.  Since then I have been a “professional volunteer."  I have served my local school district as School Board Chair for five of the past six years. I also spent three years as president of the school's Booster Club.  We live on a ten acre farm where we raise mostly sheep along with some goats, chickens, horses, dogs, and cats. I just recently started a business, and my husband is a successful gastroenterologist.  Now you know all about us, on to camp!


What is Camp Quest Montana?

CQMT Tree KidsCQMT is a family camp.  That means families attend together.  Anyone from birth to your grandma is the right age for Camp Quest Montana.   Our schedule is structured with activities for children, tweens, and teens.  Sometimes, families will participate together. Sometimes, counselors will conduct the activities with the children, leaving the parents free for an adult discussion group or activity. There is also a counselor in training program for camper’s ages 13-17 who want to attend without their parents (you know how it is). The ages of the campers in the CIT program will determine the level of independence and responsibility granted to them.  Typical camp activities include games, swimming, arts and crafts, hiking, singing, and campfires.  Unique Camp Quest activities include geomythology, creation stories, the scientific method

, famous freethinkers, freedom of inquiry, dealing with religious bullying, evolution, and critical thinking.

Camp Quest Montana is being held in two private residences on beautiful Flathead Lake.  Room priority will be given to family units with small children. Boys bunk rooms and girls bunk rooms will be provided for CITs ages 13-17. Campers under age five will need to remain under their parents supervision at all times.  


A Typical Day at Camp Quest Montana

Camp Quest Montana will feature a field trip to Glacier National Park, and a few other special activities that deviate from this schedule, but here's a typical day at Camp Quest Montana.  

CQMT Lake Family7:30 - Rise & Shine!

8:00 - Breakfast 

9:15 - Educational Activities in groups for parents, teens, & kids (e.g. Scientific Method, Geomythology, creation stories)  

10:45 - Team Games & Cooperation Challenges

12:00 - Lunch

1:15 - Educational Activities in groups for parents, teens, & kids (e.g.  ethics, art, evolution) 

2:30 -  Snack Activity  (e.g. ice cream making, watermelon carving)  

3:00 -  Educational Activities in groups for parents, teens, & kids (e.g. beauty, critical thinking, and a Skeptical Lyrics Parody Contest)

4:00 -  Choice Time - Activities Available: 

  • Lake Swimming/watercraft  - lifeguard will be on duty
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Board Games
  • Sports

6:00 - Dinner - Cookouts weather permitting

7:15  - Campfire & Dessert (e.g. s'mores, baked apples/pears, campfire brownies)

9:00 Back to bunks (once kids are settled in bed, parents may gather for discussion)

11:00 Lights out