Camp Quest West (CA)


Northern California


  • Week One: TBA, 2017
  • Week Two: TBA, 2017 


Southern California


  • July 24th to 30th, 2016


Location: Nevada City, CA & Wrightwood, CA

Age Range: Campers ages 8-14, Leadership Track ages 15-17.

Typical Attendance: 104 campers and LTs at each location.

Price: Tiered pricing from $558 to $658.  

Learn more: Visit Camp Quest West's website for more information.

Sign up:  Registration for 2016 is now open! Register here.   

Volunteer: Interested in being a camp counselor?  Apply to volunteer.  Processing volunteer applications now!

Special Activities: Archery, Canoeing, Freethought Extravaganza, Field Trips, Community Service

Questions? Contact Camp Quest West for more information.

Camp Quest West Rock Tunnel