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Envision 2020: Help Camp Quest Double in 5 Years!

Camp Quest has 2020 Vision

Imani Envision 2020 Camp QuestThis year Camp Quest turns 20, and my how we've grown: from 20 campers in 1996 to more than 1,000 in 2014. But there is so much more we can do... » Read more

What Camp Quest Means to Me: Tristan Ginn

Tristan at 8

Nineteen-year-old Tristan Ginn has been attending Camp Quest Ohio since 2006, this year was his first as a counselor. In the fall, Tristan will begin attending Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where he plans to major in non-profit management and become active in the campus LGBTQ movement.

Tristan looks forward to returning to Camp Quest every summer to share his passion for Camp Quest's values and to continue his work guiding young campers as they discover the power of critical thinking and the joys of community. Below, Tristan shares his story growing up with Camp Quest. 

Camp Quest is one of the most wonderful events in my life every year. I started going to camp when I was nine, a small child in a big world. But camp made that big world a little smaller, and that community of wonderful, loving people grew on me as I went back each year. All of the activities that I experienced as a camper were phenomenal and each pushed me outside my comfort zone. This is what makes the Camp Quest experience a magical one.

  » Read more

Monthly Matching Madness!

Join the Camp Quest Party!

UPDATE: We are at 76 out of 100 Monthly Donors as of 11:00pm eastern 6/25/2014

The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has issued a challenge to Camp Quest, and you can help! If we can reach 100 people who are automatic monthly donors to Camp Quest, the Stiefel Freethought Foundation will award us $5,000!

We're at 66 monthly donors right now (as of 11:43am eastern on May 22nd)! You can be one of the 34 more people we need to reach our goal, so join the clubWe even made fun donation levels for you:

At $96/month you join the Founders Club and celebrate Camp Quest's founding in 1996.

At $73/month you are part of the Best Number Club.  Sheldon can explain.

At $42/month you join the Ultimate Answer Club, you Hoopy Frood! » Read more

A Message from the Chair

Bob ReadyGreetings! I'm Bob Ready, the Chair of the Camp Quest Board.  Since you are reading this, I will make an assumption that you have some interest in Camp Quest. Whether you've come from a facebook post about our monthly donor campaign, you found us in the vast wilds of the internet, or you've known about us for some time, I'd love to tell you why Camp Quest matters and how you can help.

First, I'm going to cheat, though. Here are a couple of videos from Camp Quest South Carolina and Camp Quest Minnesota.  Watch and you'll get a better idea of what camp is all about than I can express in words. Don't worry, I'll wait until you get back...

At Camp Quest, we bring kids from across the country to summer camp. Along with normal camp activities that involve a lot of running around outside and educational activities that focus on science and critical thinking, we specifically focus on creating a safe place for kids. Unlike some other organizations, we don't care what labels society puts on our campers, we want them to feel welcome and understood no matter who they are, what their family is like, where they came from, or what people call them.  » Read more

What One Campership Recipient Has to Say About Camp Quest

If you want to know what a week at camp is like for a camper, we couldn't tell you any better than this camper who attended Camp Quest Minnesota in 2013 with help from our Helen Kagin Memorial Campership Fund.

Letter from a Camper » Read more

Happy Birthday Mary!

Thank you Larry Jones!

Amanda Metskas and Larry JonesLast weekend our executive director gave the following speech at a dinner honoring Larry Jones. We wanted to share this speech with everyone because Larry's contributions to Camp Quest have been so crucial to our success.  Thank you, Larry! If you're inspired by what we've done with Larry's help, please join him in making a donation.


It would be cliché to say that without Larry Jones, Camp Quest wouldn't exist, and to be honest I'm not sure if that's true.

It's possible that Camp Quest would exist without Larry, but if it did, it would be almost unrecognizeablely different.  Camp Quest without Larry, if it still existed today, would likely be one camp session in Ohio with 40 campers.  Instead, in 2013 Camp Quest served more than 850 campers at 17 different week-long sessions.

Larry, through the Institute for Humanist Studies, funded start-up grants that provided the seed money for Camp Quest's very first expansion efforts -  » Read more

Welcome Mary Barczak, Camp Quest's New Program Manager!

Mary BarczakCamp Quest is excited to announce the hire of Mary Barczak as our second full-time staff person.  Mary got involved with Camp Quest as a camper at our very first session in 1996.  After many years as a camper, Mary grew up and became a volunteer cabin counselor.  In the last four years, she has served as both Art Director and Assistant Camp Director.  Mary has volunteered with both Camp Quest Ohio and Camp Quest Chesapeake.  In addition to Mary's many years of experience as a Camp Quest volunteer, she brings her experiences in the arts, technology, program development, graphic design, and marketing to her new position.  

As Program Manager, Mary will be working with Camp Quest's volunteer leaders across the country as well as with groups interested in launching new Camp Quest programs.  Camp Quest's goal with this position is to provide more resources and support to our growing network of local camps. » Read more

Statement from Camp Quest on Restaurant's Cancellation of Camp Quest Oklahoma Fundraiser

We want to thank everyone who has supported Camp Quest Oklahoma this week after their fundraising event at a barbecue restaurant was cancelled on Monday night.  The cancellation of their fundraiser, which had already started, was due to the restaurant owner, Joe Davidson, claiming that supporting the camp wasn't compatible with his Christian identity. » Read more

Stiefel Foundation Matches Donations to Camp Quest Oklahoma this Week!

Camp Quest OklahomaSupport Camp Quest Oklahoma with a donation, and have your donation matched this week with a gift from Stiefel Freethought Foundation to Camp Quest, Inc.

You may have heard that Camp Quest Oklahoma's fundraiser scheduled for Monday, April 8th at Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was cancelled last night by the restaurant owners after guests had already started arriving.  Despite a flyer clearly stating the mission of Camp Quest, and planning for the event for at least a month in advance, the owners decided once the fundraiser had started that it conflicted with their Christian identity. » Read more

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